Too Wired at TIME

Of all places to talk about multitasking and technology, TIME Magazines March 27 issue goes in depth on generation M (multitasking), their use of technology, and the impact on their skills, lives, and families. While I’ll assume they’re playing the kid-card, as in “think about the children!”, primarily to get the attention of already nervous parents, much of what they’ve pulled together is as applicable to the generation before as it is to today’s teens.

On Multitasking in General

“Jordan Grafman, chief of the cognitive neuroscience section at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Decades of research (not to mention common sense) indicate that the quality of one’s output and depth of thought deteriorate as one attends to ever more tasks.”

On How Our Brains Multitask

“ALTHOUGH MANY ASPECTS OF THE networked life remain scientifically uncharted, there’s substantial literature on how the brain handles multitasking. And basically, it doesn’t.”

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