So this blog has existed since 2006.   There’s a story there somewhere, but it almost has to start with “Who hosts a blog for a decade with so little updated content?”   That will have to wait.

For now, InksEnd is actually an anagram for my name and the first initial of my last name — Dennis K.

Yeah, I stayed up all night thinking of that one. Pretty clever, eh? I should join Mensa. I’m married and a father of two. I work in the technology industry, have a few degrees and certifications, and I’ve learned a few three letter acronyms and four letter words over a few decades.

The quote is an adaptation from a former U.S. president.   He made a similar comment about a substance he said he did not smoke.   He later told all of us he didn’t have sex with a young intern.   Yeah, he seemed to have a malleable relationship with reality.   He was a lawyer at some point so that all makes sense.

I can’t say what purpose this blog serves, but occasionally I have a thought that doesn’t fit into Reddit, Facebook or the comment section of someone else’s blog. Fortunately for you (and me), I am not under the impression that many people read my comments on others blogs and I suspect this blog will draw equal attention.

So I’ll try to keep this from being another self-important shouting post on the information superhighway. It’s more like a series of tubes. Yeah, like tubes. In one end I pour random ideas and on the other end things come out. Well, they’ll come out as long as the server is up, the internet is up, and you’re in front of your browser looking at this site. So it’s pretty much a crap-shoot as far as anything coming out.

So in essence, InksEnd is like Speakers Corner in London except it’s held far away from where anyone goes for opinions, doesn’t guarantee to inform about anything interesting or controversial, and is generally safe enough to stand near.

And the quote?

“I experimented with ink pens a time or two. And I didn’t like them, and didn’t press down on the paper, and never tried them again.”

It’s a play on something a former president said.   I thought it was funny and related to how I feel about writing by hand.

So on with the muttering to myself.


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